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need a couple of atv front tires 21 x 8 x 9

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Fixing up an old ATV on a budget for one of my boys and the front tires are rotted.
I need a pair
these are 21 x 8 x 9 buy something close would probably work fine
anybody have some take offs they want to part with for cheap?

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I bet you would have good luck on blackwater atv fb page
That's a. good idea but I'm not a fbooker
Probably not find any there. To be honest the FB page and the forum are pretty dead this time of year. Heck I am the top poster, lol. Give me a day see what I can find!!
Thanks for the plug though Roy! Just local guys that like to ride!!
I think I have 2-19x8x9 if that would help can double check tomorrow
Have 2 feelers out. In the mean time. Give Mike a call tomorrow at Dirt Cheap Fun in pace. He may have some around that size!
Awesome guys
Thank you
New rings,gaskets, carb kit,coil and solenoid came in yesterday is gonna be an Atv rebuild weekend :))
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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