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Necessary Roughness

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I'd been under the weather for 3 days this past weekend...:sick.... so I didn't get to enjoy a whole lot of the beautiful sunshine we were blessed with.....:reallycrying..... BUT Sunday rolled around and I couldn't stand being on the couch for one more minute. Mike promised me a day on the water to help me feel better, and though I woke up at 3am Sunday still feeling a little "iffy"- fresh air turned out to be just the thing.

We loaded up and met some good friends at Galvez at 6am. Roger has been Mike's friend for quite some time, and does all the lettering and canvas on the [email protected]. Roger's 12-year-old son Brandon joined us for the day.

Sunrise saw us passing under the Baars bridge and behind Johnson's Beach..... red skies at dawn...

We stopped at a spot close to shore so that Brandon and I could double-team on sabikis for pinfish, and then I took the helm out into the bay..... a little sporty but not too bad at that point! Looking out into the Pass, however, and spotting the wrinkly horizon, we decided to keep our noses within the boundary of the bay and not beat ourselves up too badly.

First spot- chum in the water and we put a few in the box, but the bite wasn't spectacular. Roger did manage the first flounder of the day:

Brandon and I both put a couple of gray snapper on ice, and then the bite slowed to almost NADA. The current at that spot had begun to slow, so we picked up and moved to our second hole..... chum down, and the bite was ON.

Brandon shows how to bow up on gray snapper with ultralight tackle (and we taught him the correct way to wear his visor!! LOL)

He hooked into gray after gray, and the whole team put some meat in the fishbox. We found variety here too- a couple of red snapper (one keeper and 2 that were JUST short), a couple of Atlantic Sharpnose sharks- both small and both female so both were admired and returned to the bay. I brought in a first for me- a KEEPER scamp from the bay! We saw soapfish come to the boat, and a huge porcupine puffer curious about the chum slick, schools of spadefish, and I caught a purplemouth moray here! If he hadn't self-released, he'd have gone on display at UWF.

Roger and his boy just enjoying the day:

And then we hit the flounder again..... fish after fish... all we cared to clean. We left the fish biting at exactly 11:39, and hit the dock around noon. The camaraderie was awesome as usual, and what fun to see Brandon grinning ear to ear as he landed his dinner and spent time with his Dad. Mike and I were glad to have them on board, and the day out was exactly what I needed to get over the "bug"! The wind was certainly howling, and didn't let up, but we had not only a box of fish to show for the trip, but great memories too.

Some dock pix:

Brandon caught the biggest gray snapper (the photo doesn't do it justice!!)

A FAT flounder!!!

Roger & his boy with the catch:

Me and Mike and the catch:

And the grand total for the day.... 11 flounder, 12 gray snapper, 1 red snapper, 1 scamp (and a few of the blue runner we caught- these will feed my research fish)

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:bowdown Thats crazy for the bay!! nice job
Holy cow!!!!!! nice job
Great report Karon. What a half day!
Looks like someone had a blast.
Meant to put these up- had to run and give exams!!

Here are the 4 beauties for the day- Brandon's gray, Roger's red, my scamp, and Mike's Southernflounder...

The "business ends"....

We did see evidences of red tide Sunday- swaths of reddish-brown water passed under the boat a couple of times with increase in wind/current. No dead fish, the bite never really slowed for us, and fortunately no one got the "cough".... when we'd see the color approach, we turned off the recirculating pump to the livewell and didn't lose any pinfish or shrimp.

Gray snapper were caught on live shrimp (one or two on small pinfish), and flounder were caught on Mike's "special" bottom rig with live shrimp or pinfish.

Adding to the diversity of the day, we hooked into quite a few "ruby redlip" grunts..... some of the biggest I have seen! Chalk one up for fish diversity........:letsparty
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Yup, same spot as the snapper.... more than 30' deep..... none that were doormats or anything, just the one 3-5 pounder, most in the 15/16-or-so inchrange.
were you fishing on a hole or on structure(if you dont mind) thanks Garett
oh andby the way that was one of the best reports i have seen in a while, great fish Garett
DANG! Very nice. I gotta get out's killin' me!

Just haven't found any good holes like that around Birmingham :banghead
You didn't catch any Gag Grouper's? That must have been a boring day, not much action and lots of trash fish.:sleeping

Just kidding, great catch. That many Flounder and Mangroves with a couple bonus fish, youcouldn't ask for a better day......You post any more reports like that and I might have to start fishing in the bay.:clap
Man would I kill for a day like that!....croakers and pins are getting old
good report & glad to have ya'll pull up with another great catch! saw the "pirate wind sock remains" on the side of sorrento on my way to town that afternoon...glad you feel better...dale says "hi"...see ya'll next time...

Great Report Karon!

Better then mine - I should have dropped the hook and chummed but was too bummed. To see a closer look at the gulf check the short vid I posted.


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how do you chum up the deeper fish like the snappers. i have chumed for kings before and it just leaves an oil slick behind the boat. but i dont know how to chum down.
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