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Navarre Sharkin

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Just got back in, had 2 runs, no hook ups. Rookies in this game, no yak to get the bait out, slung er as far as I could, maybe 50 yds out. Have seen sharks a foot off of the beach so figured anything was better then nothin. Pretty nice night though, a few meteors spotted.
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Sounds like a good time anyway! You call still catch sharks within casting range if you dont mind wading out a bit. Just my .02, but these little tips will increase your hookups:

Wrap your hooks tightly in black electrical tape from the barb all the way to the eye. (That eliminates the 'metal' feel and taste of the hook to the shark.) That will reduce the number of baits that the sharks drops because he feels something that isnt right.

Never place your baits directly on ice. The chlorine in the water used to make the ice will soak into the bait and sharks have very keen senses. If they taste that chlorine, they will drop the bait after picking it up. Put your baits in plastic bags before putting on ice.

Last tip, and please forgive me if I am suggesting things you already know, always use circle hooks. When a shark picks up your bait, ket him run for 15-30 seconds before reacting. Tighten the drag, but dont "set" the hook. Letting it run for that long seems like an eternity, but will ensure more hookups. Everytime we catch a shark off the beach, the circle hook is right in the corner of the mouth and easy to remove.

Good luck on the next trip!
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