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York and I hit Navarre Beach before daybreak. Big "D" set up closer to P'cola. Catfish on immediately with many more to follow. 30" Black Drum around 8 a.m. (pic to follow), lots of Whiting, a 33" Red (released) and a couple of baby Pomps (released). Big D scored the only Pomp big enough to keep. He also pulled in a couple of Whiting and a shark.

Team total for the day: 1 Black Drum, 1 Bull Red, 10-12 Whiting, 3 pompano (1 keeper about 13"), a shark, 2 Sting Rays and about 1000 catfish. Everything was caught on shrimp or fleas on Pompano rigs way, way, way out. Only catfish close in. The bite died about 10:30. Only a few Whiting after that.

Raked enough fleas to fish today and hopefully tomorrow.

Beautiful, active day. Fresh fish to eat. We're praising God, but still waiting on the Pomps.

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