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First off thank you very much for the amazing turn out this weekend. We are very proud to announce we had 121 Anglers for our first year. We are working on getting all of the final results on the website in the next few days. I will post them here as well as soon as they are available.

Thanks again for everyones patience, this was the first tournament for our entire Staff so we were in a learn as we go situation. I am very happy to have been a part of this and cannot wait to make it bigger and better next year!

Here is a link to the NFR Facebook where tons of pictures are being uploded from the weekend. (please feel free to tag yourself)

Thanks again,

Capt. Brad King

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You guys did a great job, Kids had a blast. The coolers were a great idea.. Can't wait till next year. Just take off the HARDHEAD CATFISH from the kids divison and add white trout our something, thats a bad fish for kids, and dad, to play with.. My hands are still sore.. But overall a very fun tournament, very well organized exp for the first time! Thanks for putting it all together.

The Yakslayer
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I enjoyed the event and the Yeti! Best prize I've ever won. You guys did a good job and I'm sure next year will be even better. Glad us kayak fishermen put up some quality fish and took home some prizes. It would have been cool to see just how many of the prize spots were claimed by kayaks.

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The event was great - I've been to many that didn't come close to the organization you had at the awards - it went quick and fast. Perhaps not having a band playing at the same venue while announcing would help?

Will Def fish that again. Also if possible I would like to approach the Navarre Marine Sanctuary for the next NFR to get teh work out on the nearshore and offshore reefing projects.

Ok Guys and Girls - this covers a bunch of really good news for all of us - inshore estuary improvements, offshore reefing, etc. it appears that both Santa Rosa projects 26 and 27 (that's the parking and washdown and the 1x2 mile, 700+ reefs 11 mile off Navarre Beach) Just got fully funded.

Next step will be to rally everyone for the public review and comment period.

A Great step forward for Kayak fishing in the Gulf Coast!!

All the Best,
Navarre Marine Sanctuary SR26 and SR27 Project Manager

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Thank You for all of the feedback.. We tried to not have a band but were over ruled by the venue management...

PLease keep all of your comments coming, these are the ideas we need to continue to improve this event and make it bigger and better!

On a side note: We were all blown away by the kayak angler presence and results. You Guys coming to the scales with 15lb Snappers and giant triggers blows me away. Unreal what you guys are doing out of your yaks. Nothing but respect for all of you!!

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Open Division Winners
Inaugural Navarre Fishing Rodeo
June 1-2, 2013
1st Place: Yeti Cooler, 2nd Place: $100, 3rd Place: $50

Black Snapper
1st Josh Hinson, .72

Blue Fish
1st Larrence Inkel, 3.74
2nd Jeb Bubanas, 2.0
3rd Matt Blatz, 1.79

1st Charles Windfelder, 5.01
2nd Bob Boston, 4.52
3rd Dusty Service, 3.91

1st Dave Taylor, 19.11
2nd Nate Robbins, 16.03

1st Mark Griffith, 11.28
2nd Robert Long, 1.21
3rd Jenny Holmes, 1.17

1st Devin Canaan, 1.59
2nd Steve Rhodes, 1.52
3rd Jimbo Cleary. 1.39

Red Grouper
1st Daryl Lynchard, 13.37
2nd Bryan Duncan, 6.97

King Mackerel
1st Garret Fifer, 16.12
2nd Joe Mahana, 14.43
3rd Ethan Ugrate, 9.99

Lane Snapper
1st Dalton Sarver, 3.0
2nd Jason Downs, 2.1
3rd Dan Richardson, 1.96

Mingo Snapper
1st Tiffany Duncan, 1.38
2nd Ricky James, .91

1st Dylan Manning, 3.1
2nd Dennis Miller, 2.5
3rd Cory Holland, 1.95

1st Patsy Thomas, 1.26
2nd Jared Thomas, 1.00

Red Snapper
1st Michael Broxson, 19.54
2nd Jared Schultz, 19.04
3rd Rachel Broxson, 17.63

1st Bill Giryluk 6.64
2nd Mark Butler, 6.55
3rd Andrew Brown, 6.3

No Entries

1st Justin Herrin, 3.11

1st Chad Barden, 1.86
2nd Ron Davis, 1.77
3rd Jeremy Navarre, 1.43

Spanish mackerel
1st Tatum King, 3.8
2nd Nick Markwick,3.6
3rd Koby Anderson, 3.58

Speckled Trout
1st Cindy Rhodes, 4.41
2nd Wade Folsom, 2.8
3rd Brady Lee, 2.62
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