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<SPAN class=pp>Anglers interested in fishing at the new Navarre Fishing Pier can start lining up next week to get their annual fishing passes.

The Santa Rosa County Commission unanimously approved a schedule of user fees for the new Navarre Fishing Pier this morning. That includes annual passes for: adult, $240; seniors, $225, and youth, $200.<SPAN class=aa><DIV class=articleflex-container><DIV class=articleflex><DIV id=adcontainer___gelement_adbanner_0><DIV id=__gelement_2>Originally, the proposed fee schedule included a family pass for $500, but pier manager Dorothy Slye pulled that idea off the schedule because of the potential complication such a pass could create, including what constitutes a family.</DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV><DIV class=article-related-box><H5>Related</H5><UL><LI><SPAN class=docicon>Santa Rosa sets aside $750,000 for Agri-plex</LI>[/list]</DIV>

"It could take literally hours to register people," she said. Slye said she will continue to work on the family pass and possibly present a workable idea for that in the future.

Although the shop at the pier is not yet complete, the passes will be available starting next week at Sandy Bottoms beach shop, located at 8228 Gulf Blvd., Navarre Beach. Slye also owns Sandy Bottoms.

For daily use of the pier, an adult will pay $7, while those seeking only to walk on the pier will pay $1. Discounts are provided for anglers who are 6 to 12 years old, senior citizens or members of the military. Disabled veterans would be allowed to fish for free.
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