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Fished the Broxson's tournament this weekend.
After registering at 5am and talking to some of the guys for a little, I headed to the parking lot east of the pier to get changed out of my work clothes(worked a 11 hour shift before the trip) and get the kayak ready for the Gulf. I was joined around 545 by kayakers trickling in every few minutes. Ended up with launching with 6 kayakers by sunrise. I brought a bag of Killer Bee ballyhoo, which always produce me some big kings, but stopped to get bait on the way out. Caught some pinfish and a remora(bad luck!).
Heading out deep I caught a 35" king within 10 min of passing the pier. Put him in the bag just incase and headed on. Had a few short runs and bite offs before turning around and heading in. North wind was semi-stiff, so I knew it would take forever to troll in(I am the slowest troller ever).
I finally hooked into something good and it was a freaking HUGE bull Mahi that jumped all the way towards my stern and dove straight down under me. I ended up fighting him for a few minutes and watched him break off about 10ft under my kayak. I have GoPro video of this heartbreaking moment, but its too hard for me to watch:mad:
Half hour later I caught a 5ft shark. Hate catching sharks!
Finally in 45ft of water as I was heading back to the launch site, I hooked into a ok sized king. I was really happy cause I would have been too embarrassed to bring that tiny 35"er into the weigh-in.
Ended up being 41" 12.13lb. Apparently 2nd overall for the king division. Hopefully Broxson's post the results sometime soon.

41" king video

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