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My dad came in town and FINALLY the water is calm so we hit it as its usually rough when he is in town. On the beach before sun up this morning. We met Ron, Fisherdad, out there as well.

We made bait and head out. Black fin tuna are skying all over the place. Every where you looked in any direction youd see tuna. My dad had some solid runs including one that smoked his reel like Ive never seen before but both broke off.

Meanwhile Im catching kings and land three.

Then, the Hobie curse strikes again and the set screw on my dads drive falls out making him paddle. He didnt feel like paddling all day so he hit the beach to meet up with his wife, my wife and daughter.

Ron and I continue on. By about eight we hadnt really seen too many more BFTs but we did see them here and there. We make way to do some bottom bumping.

On the way I run into Bbarton and a couple of other guys, they will be along later to post an awesome report as well as pictures.

My first drop yeilds a gag but hes an inch too short so back he goes. Then I get a snapper. Bbarton and crew are hooking up to some BFT so I head on over to them slow trolling a live cig. Not five minutes later I get a good hit. The fish didnt run too far but then it settled below me about fifty feet down doing circles and thumping.

I keep telling my self its a shark but I finally see color and TUNA. I didnt even gaff the fish, I made a grab for its tail and hauled him in. The fish then started to do the tuna shake wiggling me back and forth while I hold on for dear life.

Bbarton comes up and takes pics with his DSLR which Im sure hell post soon.

The fish wouldnt fit in my cooler so I call my wife and tell her to bring my big cooler to the beach. I finished the day relaxing with my family on the beach with a couple of cold ones. Cant beat that.

If you can get out there, do it, the BFT were thick as fleas this morning.


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Awesome dude I knew you would get one....seems like every day I am in Seaschool the weather is perfect and your killing time take the head, tail, and guts out and stuff that mofo in your cooler and get another one!
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