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NASP Bayou Grande or Sherman Cove?

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I am new to the area with a 19 CC on a trailer. I plan on storing it on the trailer with a cover. I have reviewed the features of each. Any good or bad comments on these 2 marinas?
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Sherman Cove

I prefer Sherman Cove because it is so close to the Pass. I usually fish in the Gulf. It also depends on where you live. The back gate opens late and closes early on weekends and holidays. I live near the back gate so Sherman is closer for me. If you live near the main gate Bayou Grande might be better.

Sherman Cove is closer to the Pass, and has bait, snacks, drinks, ice and gas but gets real busy on nice weekends.

Bayou Grande is less busy and has more parking. Can't remember if they sell the bait, ice, gas, etc.
Sherman = dirt/gravel lots - water and power at most dry slips (if not all) Does get busy at times.
Grande - Blacktop (there may be a little gravel)

I'm at Sherman, no real complaints here.... Great Facility. SCM all the way!
one other consideration : SC has power and water at your slot; BG only has water in the washdown area, no power available
Unless you boat has a mast and sails, Sherman Cove is the place to be.
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