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Hit the pier this morning with Cornflake789, aka Indy. We started out a little slow for about half an hour and then they started coming in. He had some ladyfish from the night before, so we threw that out on our heavy tackle. Ended up with 10 blacktops, one of them being decent size, the rest just like 3-4 feet long. One of our buddies with us got a real nice flounder on the left side. Then some bait were getting torn apart, so Indy threw out a gulp and immediately hooked a spanish with no steel leader whatsoever. We started slowing up again towards about noon, so we moved down and got 6 decent white trout...progressively getting bigger and bigger haha

caught a bunch of small grouper, and some snapper (too bad they aren't in season)

All in all a good day, ended up with lunch for a couple days :thumbsup:
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