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My Youngest's First Buck

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Sunday it finally happened, he's been hunting his butt off this season and it paid off he dropped his first buck. We hit the club early, had to drop off his big brother at his stand first and then headed to the chilly (28 degrees) shooting house. He was cold and had a hard time sitting still, I kept telling him the weather was perfect for bucks. We had a little button head come out around 715 and mill about for a around 10 minutes before taking off. I was concerned with the temperature we wouldn't be able to sit long enough, boy was I wrong. About 800 I looked to the south and saw a solid young 8 come out snacking across the doe-less food plot. I handed him the rifle and told him to get the gun up and get ready. He couldn't see the buck when he walked out, I told him just be patient let him clear the bush. When the buck cleared the bush, he calmly said can I shoot now dad. I told him to go ahead, and he dropped the hammer connecting with a double lung shoot at about 80 yards. The buck went about 20 yards and dropped straight out from the shooting house. A great finish to what was to be his last hunt of the season. Couldn't be happier. In his first successful season he has got a doe and buck. Now we start getting him ready for the bow hunting experience. Dad and he both have one this year, if his big brother can connect on his last hunt it will be a perfect season.

My chest is all puffed up, and I feel like I have accomplished something as a father, but there is a little sadness as another growing up milestone has been passed. I love watching them grow, don't even mind paying for the mount. Dropped it off yesterday with Ron Vanderpol.


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congrats thats a fine buck !!!!
That's awesome! Congrats to father and son for lasting memories in the field.
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