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My wifes 1st buck

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Well my wife has been hunting with me off and on with no luck i told her i had a plot that i seen a buck on lastweek the downfall was she had to hunt by herself its a small shooting house well she decided that she would do it . I got a text at 420 that doe came in plot but left and how she is bad luck and all the whining well at 505 2 more doe came out and at 520 this buck stepped out she shoots him with a bar 308 he just takes 7 steps and falls over never kicks or nothing needless to say shes hooked
He aged out at 8.5 years old kinda crazy


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Holy heck. Tell her to just go ahead and quit now! That's some crazy horns. Congrats to her, nice shooting!
That is a stud of a deer! Congrats
Man the height!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! congrats to your ole lady brother!!!
That's awesome. You got to let her know she might not ever get another one like that.
Congrats to your wife on a fine buck. Did it all by herself! You go girl. :thumbup:
Very nice,Congrats to her!

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Thats what its all about. The mark is high now. good luck to her ....I mean you.
Good buck. There is a certain genetic, in that area, that throws that similar horn pattern. High and narrow but with long sweeping beams. I shot one like that at Miller's Ferry about four years ago.
Wow ... Thats what I call setting the bar high! lol Congrats!
Dang that a stud :thumbup:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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