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Last week was good to me. :)

Tuesday 4/20/10-I finally met up with my 1st king after a long and cold time off from the Gulf waters. My new custom gaff that I won in Kayak Wars and my new Hobie kayak received that touch of royal King blood for the 1st time with a 39-incher!

Then came a 42-incher a short time later:

Wednesday 4/21/10-learned I made the May 2010 Florida Sportsman magazine with this pic:

Thursday 4/22/10-Received my copy of my favorite magazine:

Friday 4/23/10-Had a blast visiting with the kayak fishingbuds and meeting newsome new peopleat the captain's meeting for the GCKFA Tournament:

Was disappointed to learn that my favorite fish category was cancelled due to rough surf in the Gulf, but was relieved at the same time. Since I knew that I would have no chance fishing inshore, and I probably would have killed myself or gotten seriouly injured trying to get to the kings. :doh

Sat. 4/24/10-Caught a 2nd place Flounder, which was I think as my first award for inshore species, (that I actually didn't catch in the Gulf) so it was better for me than winning a 1st place King award! (But not as good as winning the Bggest Pair award along with a Hobie Revolution Kayak.)

This fish also qualifed for the GCKFA Master Angler program because it was over 16-inches.

I also made new friends at the weigh-in: ;)

Also, one of those ticket on the board in the background was mine for the reverse raffle to win a $2,200 Hobie Pro Angler Kayak. The final 10 of us got up and one by one, a person was elimited until it was down to only 2 of us for the win. Congrats to Pat!!! So close, but I really can't complain about my week.

Sun. 4/25/10-Still in awe that I placed my biggest tournament of the year in the unfamiliar inshore waters.
-Submitted my flounder for Kayak Wars and got my 1st Kayak Man Point for catching 5 different species so far this year, which was more that I had all of last year! The point will give me another chance to win a Hobie Pro Angler in a drawing at the end of the year. Wish me luck!

I want to thank Key Sailing and Hot Spots and all of the sponsors of our GCKFA tournament. Please support them. Congrats to all of those kayak fishermen who won an award and I think that almost everyone got something.

As a fishing tournament addict, I want to encourage other kayak fisherman to to share the fun and excitement of (hopefully) winning in tournaments. (even though it may lesson my own chances:pinch:) Of course, you have to participate to win. Here are some good ones for kayakers that will not break the bank:

5/1/10 Spots & Slots-This has a kayak division which is something that most organizers have not picked up on...yet:

5/8/10, 5/29/10 & 7/24/10-Navarre Beach King Mack Series-I want to try to keep these informal, cheap and fun. I will send a post on the 1st one soon.
These are at Navarre Beach, but I want to encourage others to do these in other places for various species using this KISS approach since there are not a lot of kayak local tournaments.

7/31/10-King of Crab Island-No website yet, but it has a great format

9/17-9/19/10-PRFA Family Fishing Rodeo-I'm sure they will have the kayak division again after a very successful turnout last year:

Online tournaments are also available, but I really enjoy getting out and meeting others at a local level. Hope to meet some other kayakers soon!

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Congrat's on the flounder, Kreg. As the first place flounder guy, I wanted to let you know how close you came to winning 1st foryourself.
After a hard day of yak-fishin', the rain finally looked like it was coming my way. All I had in the cooler was a 17" trout, and I had just released a borderline redfish (after measuring it about 27 times). So I pick up anchor and drift with the wind while rigging-upa gulp shrimp.
Once rigged, I tossed out the gulp (carolina rigged) and let it drag bottom while I enjoyed my last smoke before paddling back to the truck...BAM!!! It's on! I fought the fish up to the yak and netted it with relative ease...or so I thought. With the fish netted, I attempted to yank the hook out with my pliers and learned a good lesson about leaving the fish's tail in the water while in the net. The flounder made one impressive swipe of it's tail and leaped clear out of the net and back into the water, nearly yanking my rod in with it.
I caught the rod and found my self fighting a very pissed-off flounder. This time it gave me everything it had. Eventually I put it in the cooler, along with deep regret about releasing that redfish. Oh well, that's how it goes.
Anyways, I just wanted you to know that you were just a stoke of luck away from winning first with that flounder of yours.
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