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Hooked up with the master (Jpurdy)about a week or so ago to learn a few things about pomp fishing. Due to crazy weather I bailed out early. Well me and Yankee met up on Thursday to try a little surf action. First spot we tried was we went to one of his fav. spots. Took about 20 minutes and then BAM fish on! Caught my first pomp and you would have thought I just won the lotto. I was all about it! We managed to stay for another hour and caught some blues. Headed to the T pier to fish for some shark and got nothing but a white trout.......but who cares, I caught my first pomp!

Before pic

Got home and cleaned the pomp for dinner the next day. Picked up some shrimp and scallops to go with it. Made my g/f dinner. Oven baked pompano and sauted shrimp and scallops over butter fettucini with some peas


Man that pic makes me hungry
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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