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My First kill of the season/Life

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Well here it is. My first of the season/ ever. This was my 6th time in my stand. I put some corn out about a wk and a half ago and then again the night before I got this one. He came out and started eating the old corn which was about 60yds away, then quickly sniffed out the fresh corn and walked almost a straight line to the fresh corn. He looked up at me one time before continuing to eat. I really didnt think I was going to have a chance and was greatly surprised when I drew my bow and he was still in front of me.Hishorns were right at 5 inches. So even ifI wasnt using a bow he would've been legal. He came out at 510P 26oct. After about 15minutes he came within range of my bow. I popped him in the left lung and he only ran about 35 yards. I called my buddy and he said "what're you gonna do with it?" So I threw it on top of my truck and went to my friends house to clean him. My wife is taking the meat right now to get it processed.
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Congrats, got some meat in the freezer and now it's time for the big boy. Way to go.
Man, that is great. There is nothing like a BowKill. Congrats.
Congrat's on the kill. Was your heart beating so loud you thought the deer might hear it?.

Where were you hunting?
Well done! Was there still velvet on those spikes? Kinda looks like it.
Sweet- I really like the blood on the SUV. Looks like someone was putting makeup on you with the blood-you got away clean compared to my youngens. Congrats on your harvest.:clap
<P dir=ltr style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px" align=left>Everyone talks about the adrenaline....The first time my heart started to pound was after i drew my bow, looked through the sights, and realized "holy shit he's still there, i might actually have a shot" I realize now that That Is What It's All About....and no there wasnt any velvet on him...although it would look cool if there was. I was hunting up inAllentown(north of MIlton)
Congrats on your first kill. Your friends let you off easy with the face paint, my dad made sure I was wearing the gut bucket.:bowdown
Actually I did the blood myself. My wife's friend said "this is your first, you're suppose to put blood on you" so I walked over to my truck and wiped some of the blood that was running down, and just wiped it on my face. I should've gotten it worse. I think I'll do it again...maybe I'll make it a family tradition to do it every time. Lol..I dont know...this is all new to me.
Good job Kenny
Congratulations! Keep on stickin' 'em! Don't be fooled they don't always come so easy! Good luck for the rest o' the year! Your hooked now!:clap
Congratulations on your first. Blood on you on the first has been a tradition as long as I've been cutting the tail out of the shirt you solo (pilot) in.

OK someone fill me in here. The last time I hunted Florida for deer was way back when.....well I'll put it this way, Curtis (Garbo) wasn't a glimmer in his mother's eyes.

99% of my deer hunting has taken place in Mississippi, and bait of any sort can't be used in the field after a certain date (??) before opening day. What gives in Florida. I know that all states regulate differently.
You got me...the only thing I know about hunting is how to shoot, get out there very early, and be quiet.....hopefully someone around here can tell ya....I just go by what everyone with experience tells me.
Awsome! There's no rush quite like it! It will never be the same hunting with a rife! Bow hunting is in your face, no mistakes!!! Welcome to the club!!
Tuna man FL is different as can be when it comes to bait. ANYTHING goes. If you can get them to come eat it you can use it. Fair or not that's the state regs. I know guys that have literally raised deer for 2-3 years at a corn feeder then killed them. It's not as bad as it may seem or as easy. To each his own applys to states too I guess. I've done it and will do it. This only applys to leased or private lands though. It gets way expensive if your in the right place though. Between the *****, deer, fox, squirrels, wood ducks,coyotes,opossums,and the stray cow now and then you end up with a pretty hefty feed bill for one or two mallet headed nannys.:banghead
Congrats on the kill, Great job brother!!!!:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap
Congratulations. I remember my first one with a bow. To me it is much more rewarding than shoting one with a high powered rifle. Hunt like a native.:clap
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