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Mullet ??

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Was at the dock today and seen what I thought were mullet hanging in the canal, but there was a black lateral line about 1/2" wide to the tail, and the tail was tipped black.

No pic, seen through costas in about 1' water. There were 5 of them from 5" to about 10" long.

In Mulat, so water is brackish.

any thoughts?
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Weird, sounds like a striped-sunshine bass, snook hybrid, or somthing.:letsdrink:letsdrink
Those were silver mullet:hungry
Like this: (below pic is striped mullet)

Except with lateral, and tipped black tail fin like this:

I'll see if I can net some this weekend for a real pic.
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Those were probably small largemouth bass. It's not unusual to catch them in brackish water.
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