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Hey there, I would like to share with you an experience that I had with a motorized wheelchair. I found one in a dumpster and thought it would be fun to bring it home and see what was wrong with it. After cleaning it up and tinkering with it, it was up and running and entertaining the kids. But then I saw someone who needed a chair and was unable (for what ever reason) to get one. This person was one of the many Military Veterans that use the VA Clinic. For medical reasons of my own, I have been using the VA Clinic. Every time I go I see a Veteran in need of a chair /scooter. So the next time I went I took the chair to the clinc, rolled up to a vet and said "Here you go and thanks for your service to our country, the taxpayer, and to me". He was speechless and the feeling I got was truely a blessing.

I've seen this post on the forum for a little while now and thought that if they don't sell or if you are looking to place them ,try the VA Clinic. Just something to think about.

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