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yesterday, my little brother and my dad went offshore about 5 miles in hopes of landing some big dolphin and wahoo. they started off with an all surface spread with skirt/ ballyhoo rigs with double hooks. they told me no hits for over an hour. my bro was getting tired. he reeled one in and rerigged it putting a lead under the skirt and taking off the b'hoo. after about thirty seconds, he got a hit from a peanut dolphinon that same rig. i think you can guess what they did next.

after they boated it (it was undersized) they rerigged all the baits with lead but kept the ballyhoo. after about ten minutes trolling they found a weedline, where they got a 12 lb wahoo. they thought it might be worth it to jig for a bit so down they dropped.

for about ten minutes they were pullin up everything from aj's to tuna to grouper whichwere a nice bonus but they werent getting their target. my bro dropped and at about 200 feet, he got a nice hit which pulled him forward almost to the point that he was overboard. after about a 15 or 20 minute fight he boated a pair of 40 lb wahoo that got both assist hooks, one in each. for another 10 min. they said they waited jigging but after that pause they boated a 15 lb dolphin. already a great day, right? not even 10:30.

as my mom waited @ the dock i was speeding on my way with all my gear in my trunk, 8 rods & reels and every type of gear you could imagine. as they neared the dock my bro held one of the "monster" groups in his hands (probably only 8 lbs). i went on the boat a few times loading everything. as weleft the dock i asked my bro about the day. i got a much more detailed story of the one above.

with proof that the day went well (bloody shirts and deck, few tails stikkin out the box, cutopolstery from the hoo) I asked him if he wanted to catch the hoos'cousins. we were castin and nettin for bait (hardtails and mullet) in about ten feet of water, and filled the well instantly. we headed off 1/2 mile with about 20 runners and 35-40 mullet on a wreck we call 'what a releif'. after we set anchor in 50 the boat was in 75 feet and we deployed our drift rigs (10/0 circle w/ a foot of wire, stingers ready). my youngest bro was yellowtailing; he got 3 over 16 inches, one was28 along with a barely legal mutton. for a pre-noon day, this was our greatest overall catch.

our bait wasbeing chunked fast and we only boated a 5 lb. king, which became future sword bait. we added stingers and pulled them in 2 at a time. we were almost out of runners. i took the biggest one and 20 feet frome the boat i hooked a 30 lb king.
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