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Dr. Ace and I figured we better get them while we can, so we went back to Yates Lake to exploit what we learned last week. Pink worms have been hard to find lately, but we found a couple boxes that looked older that me and Ace, plus some regular red worms, so we were ready on bait, and I didn't have to throw the net.
Went back to where I got my faux two-pounder last week, and picked away until we had half a dozen nice ones of 11 or 12 inches. That spot dried up, so we went hunting. We never found a bed, but we caught some pretty bream, including some hump-nosed bluegill bulls that thought they were bonefish. Never seen bream haul ass that fast. Could have sworn I heard them say, "OH NO! THE FAT GUY'S GOT ME!"
We decided to only keep large bream this trip to cut down on the fish cleaning time, but we still kept some gut-hooked "tweeners" and cleaned 33 delicious fishes. I told Ace that the only meat sweeter was on the inside of a woman's thighs.


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