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In an ongoing effort to thin the herd I put together this collection of trolling baits. These will work well for Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin, etc.

I've got, from left to right:

Braid wahoo bomb with spinner blade for casting and trolling

Murray Bros slant head, rigged on 200lb mono

Billy Bait turbo whistler, rigged on 125lb mono

Mold Craft Super Chugger, rigged on 125lb mono

Mylure with plastic skirt, rigged on 175lb cable and double 90 degree hook-set

Yo-Zuri bonito, rigged on 175lb cable

Yo-Zuri Hydro magnum, rigged on 175lb cable

Jet-Headed Cedar Plug, rigged on 125lb mono

and in front a big Tsunami Chugger, good for a teaser or rigged as a lure

Asking $70.00 for all

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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