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The weather yesterday had me and Tony beached. We were wanting to go sight fishing for reds but with the three inches of rain that poured down on Gulf Breeze it just didn't seem like a good idea! So we decided to switch gears.

We suited up in our Foul weather gear and headed for a place where I grew up and learned to bass fish.... Yep, you guessed it Tiger Point. We threw all topwaters, chug bugs, spook jr's and tiny torpedo's. We had a BLAST!!!! We landed 27 bass with the largest (I'm only guessing) at somewhere around 4lbs!! We probably lost or missed that many more.

It was a fun afternoon to say the least..... Dawna got a good laugh out of it when we showed up back at the house completely soaked from all the rain!!!!!

here are a few pics... we took a bunch but they all look the same.....enjoy

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