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Monday PM

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Goingto try this afternoon. We'll see what happens. I'll give report good or bad(hopefully good) this evening...Wanted to do a little sight fishing so I took my 6 lb. outfit with a white football jighead, yellow skirt, and pink piece of fishbites. Did a lot of walking with only two groups of fish sighted. One short, one legal landed. The legal went 15 1/2 inches and I gave it to my dad for a dinner. Here's a shot. Sorry about the frown I guess I was in serious mode. Oh I was down past Portifino.


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Nice job. How was the wind off the beach? I was out in the bayou and it was blow'n.
Nice Pompano. What color Jig, if you don't mind me asking?
The wind was mostly at my back so the beach wasn't too bad. It was still blowing though. As for the jig, I had a white head, yellow skirt, and tipped with a pink piece of fishbites. Tight lines.

Very nice...Maybe one day I can land one. Bet they are a ball.
every pompano I saw this weekend didnt even think about eatin' a jig. the clear water and a north wind makes 'em kinda spookish.....
Have you triedartifical sandfleas from Gulp ???
Never tried em but I'm curious.
Good job,. How do you get the time to get to the beach so often?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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