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Mirage drive, paddles, seats, "yak boards" for sale

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I have a few different things to get rid of. Prices are listed below and I am willing to make a package deal for multiple items. Pm me or comment below if you're interested in anything! Everything is in good condition! Thanks


-Mirage Drive V2 with turbo fins $300

-2 Hobie Paddles. $100 each or $175 both

-2 padded Hobie seats with the screw inserts to prevent the seat from sliding. $100 each pr $175 both

-1 No Limits paddle $45

-1 Aquabound Manta Ray Paddle $100 OBO

-2 Ocean Kayak "Yak Board" $150 each $250 both

I will take pics of everything tomorrow and post them below
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Mirage drives sold. Everything else still available!
Keith, what color are those yak boards. Can you send me a couple pics on FB or in a PM?
Yak Boards have now been sold. Paddles and Hobie seats still available
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What model and color manta ray? (2pc or 4pc)
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