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Fish a little around Pensacola before Memorial Day with no remarkable results so I moved over to my 'other' fish camp at St. Mark's to see what's going on. The trout fishing over there is usually outstanding, But suddenly, I got the feeling the trout bite was somewhat off. I think there is a new scourge on the flats. The smooth puffer fish. It was not unusual to see 3 or 4 of them following a hooked fish, nipping at it as it came in. They actually took a couple of thumb size chunks out of the belly of a snot cat I was unhooking on the surface of the water.

And they absolutely destroyed one of my cajun thunders nipping at it...

These fish are indigenous but are normally found in deep water. Recently they are moving up to the flats and are very aggressive. I wonder if they had something to do with my poor showing in the trout catching this trip...
A buddy of mine showed up to fish for a few days and we were able to get his 1st redfish.
We thought this was somewhat of an unusual catch around the oyster bars at one of the major creeks there.

At 1 point, we notice some fish moving along the top of an oyster bar at high tide and I put him in position for a 25' sight cast to this black drum. It was landed with a 2500 Penn Conflict on a 7' medium light G Loomis E6 with 14 pound nanofill. After a somewhat long battle, we got the fish landed and revived.
The size of the fish fell about directly between a 20 pound and a 30 pound black that I have put on the scales. So I'm guessing about 25 pounds...

One day, we collected a few pen fish off the flats and headed out to 1 of the deeper public numbers. My 1st time ever targeting group or. Picked up this one that was 1" short. Still my PB is I have never targeted grouper and have only caught shorts inshore.

As soon as we pulled anchor there, we threw out a Stretch 25 and a Stretch 15 and trolled off. We had hardly moved a 150 yd before I latched into a good size cobia and it came to the surface wallowing beside the boat. Then it ran off to the side and about spooled me. I put the boat in gear and gave chase. I never gave it any slack but I'm guessing the reduced tension allowed it to throw the long plug. It was in the 40 to 48" range, from I saw.
We did manage the usual of sortland of red fish, black drum and a few trout.
A few more pics...

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