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This season seems to be flying by; the awesome monster red fishing of November and December has come and gone, Sheepshead season is over, and all of a sudden we are already into the month of May. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it really zooms by when you’re catching fish!

April was a very good month for trout and reds on the flats. There were tons of good trout and some of them were well over 20”.
I’ll be staying on the flats all of May and part of June having fun with trout, reds, Spanish and more, unless I’m out in the Gulf pulling on some Snappers during the ARS season.

Detailed info on tackle, areas and depths:

Areas Fished back in April: Flats, Santa Rosa Sound, Escambia Bay, and Blackwater Bay

Depths Fished: 2-6 ft

Baits Used:
MirrOlure’s Paul Brown, 17MR, Catch 2000, Top Dog jr.
Popping Cork: rigged with ¼ jig head 15 –20 lb Leader, with a ZMan MinnowZ – Color (Mud-Minnow, Pearl White, Bad Shad
ZMan: PaddlerZ 4”& 5”, MinnowZ, StreakZ (Redbone, Bad-shad, Houdini)
Pro Cure Bait Scents: Shrimp, Menhaden
Reels - Daiwa: Ballistic 2500, Procyon 2500 & the bigger 3500 for Bull Reds and Sheepshead
Line: Spiderwire Stealth Ultra Braid 15 lbs
Fluorocarbon: Berkley Vanish 15-20-30 lbs

Tight Lines.
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