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Hi All

I'm getting ready to make the annual trip to Gulf Shores. I had a great trip last May and caught a couple of limits of pompano as well as some huge black drum. Thanks again to all of you for the tips and tricks that helped me out. I had a couple of questions if anyone had the time to offer some info.

I'd like to broaden my search for different species this year. I'm staying right on the beach and will be hitting every morning that week. It looks as though incoming tides with the high mark in the noon/afternoon hours, which should hopefully help. I plan on having a couple of rods out for pomps but am looking to change it up a bit as well.

What would any of you target in addition to pomps this time of year? Any tips on how to go after them? I will have a kayak, and have done well for kings in the past, but it seems that there really not there yet? Ill have heavy surf rod and inshore tackle with me as well.

Bull reds? cut bait?

Early morning bite for topwater trout or reds? gulps?

Anyone catch cobia from a kayak or shore ever?

Spanish or kings? Maybe kayak for em?

I made some pomp rigs this year, and had my best luck in the past with just red beads, fleas and small bit of fishbites. Any fleas on the beach yet? Any stores sell colored floats to add to the rigs and mix it up?

Sorry for the ton of questions, just seeing if anyone is willing to join in a conversation on what else they would chase beyond pomps in early May?

Thanks as always, Ill be sure to post reports and share anything I learn while putting in my hours on the beach.
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