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March Madness includes big sheepshead and more! -Mega-Bite Inshore Charters

The Spring Break sheepshead run is in full swing. The bite should last for around 6 –7 weeks and then we’re off to the flats for some trout & redfish action. But let’s not jump the gun; let’s talk about how awesome the inshore deep-water bite has been.

Mike and Mark bowed up with two sheepies! Two nice Pensacola Pass Sheepshead.

This past week my clients have been hooking up some big sheepshead and some other fun drag-screaming critters. Each day has brought some exciting action like 7 ft bull sharks trying to take our sheepshead at the boat, fog rolling in out of the pass making the fishing feel like something out of a scary movie, and then of course the great fishing.

It’s truly been a great week of fishing with some great clients. Not only have we been hammering the big sheepies this week, but we’ve even had some nice red snapper come to the boat. Check out this monster 23” red snapper caught by William on Thursday while sheepshead fishing in the pass.

Laura and her son Alan had fun pulling in these two toothy sheepies!

He was all smiles after landing it, but kind of bummed when I told him we had to throw it back, but we snapped a quick pic before returning it to the water.

On Wednesday, I had Kathy with her family from Minnesota and she landed the biggest sheepshead of the week, a whopper 23” Monster! She did a great job fighting the fish and at the end of the day she had bragging rights for catching the biggest fish of the trip.

Kathy with a monster 23" Sheepie! -- Lee, his daughter Ashlee and wife Kathy had a great day hooking up sheepshead all day!

Rachel shows off a big Pensacola Pass Sheepie

Friday afternoon was truly an inshore fishing adventure. Chris and his family from Texas had a trip to remember for sure. Loads of sheepshead, we could have loaded the boat, but they only kept enough for everyone at the condo for dinner. We also headed out into the gulf for some light tackle Spanish mackerel action along the beach. What a great trip; rods bent all day, drags screaming and lots of smiles and laughs. That’s what Spring break is all about. This week was a great start to the new season and I couldn’t have asked for better clients.

Triple Hook ups are always fun - - Two big sheepshead and a nice 3lb Spanish mackerel. - - Lauren holds up two Spanish macks caught just off the Pensacola Beach

Lauren, Mason, Ryan and Chris show off a mess of sheepshead and spanish mackerel ready for a fish fry!

It’s been a great week of fishing so far, and I’m looking forward to the next trip to show my clients what March fishing is all about here in the Panhandle.

Mark and his boys had a great time hooking up sheepshead all day!
We could have loaded the boat, but they only wanted a few for dinner that night.

John with a 22" Sheepie ----------- Alan with a 18" Sheepie ------ Jim shows us off a 21" Pensacola Pass Sheepshead

Marty his dad Jim and his sons Alan & John had fun catching sheepshead all day in Pensacola Pass.

Tackle Corner

My tackle this year is the same as last year with a couple of new combo’s. The combo’s I used last year are my 4000 Penn Battles with 7ft Medium Heavy All Star Rods. The new combo’s are my Abu Garcia 6600c bait casters with 7 Ft Medium Heavy Berkley Lighting Rods. Both of these setups are landing these big sheepies with ease, yet they are still light enough to have great fight.

Till the next adventure, Tight Lines.

Capt. John

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The action was hot all week as was the weather, the back of my neck is proof, I wore sun screen all week, but when I took my buff off to wet it down to cool off, it wiped off my sunscreen and I forgot to apply. well, now I'm a true RED NECK.. LOL
This week had to be the best spring break week off all time, 5 perfect days of fishing and perfect sunny days with almost no wind the only thing that was kind of a bummer was the fog on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday mornings, it would come and go so it wasn't to bad. I made a few of my clients feel kind of eeire because they couldn't see very well. But all in all we had a great time each trip.

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