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As my usual routine goes, I arrived, started putting the rods in their holders and after finally getting #3 in place and out, it went "crazy!" I knew it, I let it have a little fun and thought at first it was going to be on the grill later. Well, after getting it close enough for me to see it, I knew it was a Redfish from the start but the way it ran the line off and kept my spool empty,I thought I had a decent size Shark or big ole' Ray! Once I laid eyes on it, I readied the scoop net and off I hobbled into the Gulf. I forgot all about how cold it was. I scooped the Redfish and had to drag the scoop net back to the shore and put away the rod in its holder. Unhooked the Red, measured and it was 35" It was almost the color of a Whiting. Sometimes the Reds have a Blueish look to their tail and or a golden look, this one was "white".

Long story short, I stayed for 2 more hours with no luck and froze my socks off because of going waist deep in the water, but I had a blast for sure! No dinner, just a little fun this go around! I took 2 pics with my cell phone, they are not to be found, but whenI began fighting it, I accidently hit camcorder and I have to figure out how to upload the video from the cell phone showing its tail and it swimming everywhere like it was on Spring Break or something! lol!

Tight Lines!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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