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male fuel connector help

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does anyone know where i can find "hard to find" parts. I have a 30hp yahama and i am looking for the male connecter for the fuel line at the motor. I almost looks the same as the female at the tank but its male of course and it has a nut built into the plastic so it can be bolted on. I have been to all of the obvious places westmarine,boat us,napa,auto zone, and some dealerships.:banghead I have been online looking for a week but i dont have a part # or the year of my motor or the model.
any ideas so i can get on the water would be great
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If it's the connector on the motor, you will have to go to a Yamaha Dealer.
Where do live?

Pensacola- Emerald Coast Marine. See Kenny(Sequahia on here)

Gulf Breeze- Gulf Breeze Marine.

FWB-Auer Marine
I looked at all the 30's from '84 to present and they all use the same one that I can see. #6G1-24304-02-00. it is more helpfull if there were a model # though.
I have one in stock,, its in my hand,, about 16.00 dollars. plus you get a 10% discount...

I still have that connector if you need it....

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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