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Mackeral Sunday

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Got on the water at 6:15, had my first king on ice by 6:45. Took a little advice from some of you on here a tried a wieghted duster rig today, hoping for something other than mackeral. I did not find anything else, but man that duster got dusted, it was getting smashed. Something big finally snapped the 80# wire it was made with, but I at least was able to save the actual wieghted skirt, just lost the hooks. Got another awesome king at 38.5 inches and 3 spanish, all big, 1 of which was just shy of 26 inches. Water was a bit sloppy past the pier at first but started to calm down. All in all it was another great day on the water. Only crappy thing was my zipper broke on my bag cooler, anyone have a suggestion on a good soft cooler for a kayak that can hold some good size fish?


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Thanks for the advice on the bags guys. Where is Dizzy Lizzy's? The Surf to Summit bag looks nice, how do you attach it to your kayak?
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