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I am leaving tomorrow evening after work to get my mother. She is in poor health and I am moving her down her to help take care of her. I am looking to sell this either tonight or tomorrow afternoon to help pay for her move. With that being said:

LP95 for sale. 2011 Hydro, Oct 2012 VIP, new Thermo Pro convertible valve installed when VIP done in October, O2 cleaned, and filled with 32% ready to dive. I am asking $200 on craigslist, but will take $150. Call or text Jason at 850-225-4019.

I know I am new here, but my name is Jason. I have bought and sold a bunch of things with Chad in Milton. I am not sure of his username here, but I do know he is on here.

Pictures of the tank and the markings on the top can be texted.

I just looked it up, Toner is his name on here. I have bought 2 sets of regs, computer, knife from him, and he has bought a computer from me.
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