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The weather out in Venice, LA has been inconsistent, but the fishing is still great on our days out when the weather is in our favor.

Our Red Snapper bite is on fire. The bigger snapper are mostly caught on live Menhadden and Herring. Sometimes they will come off of dead bait as well. Most days they are dropping down to the bottom around the rigs, reefs, and wrecks. Most wrecks around Venice are old ships or barges.

The swordfish catches have been excellent, with our largest weighing in at 151lbs. All the Swordfish have been on the ledges and drop-offs of the Mississippi Canyon. We've been doing mainly what we call "day time drops". Bait of choice is either squid or strip baits of Bonita, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and Rainbow Runner and usually topped with a skirt.

Yellowfin Tuna catches are still going good. We've been live baiting Menhadden and chumming with chunks of Bonita and Menhadden. Most days, the Yellowfin are caught on the surface which makes the catch pretty exciting.

As for the Mahi Mahi, these have been the easiest to catch. They will eat just about anything, but one of the best baits for Mahi are bally-hoo rigged on a blue and white islander. Most days they are caught while trolling a rip line when the current is pushing hard, it has sargassum grass on one side and is blue water on the other.

The rest of June and July is looking spectacular. Big fish are already here, and we know as we get into late summer and fall even bigger ones will roll in.

As for the inshore fishing, the Mississippi River has been unusually high since October and the threat of more water forced opening the Bonnet Carre for an unexpected third time in four years, but this hasn't affected the fishing for us out in Venice.

The red fishing has still been excellent. We have been catching the bull reds on top water and the slot reds on cork and shrimp.

We still have open availability for the remaining of the summer, mostly week days.

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