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Looking for old coins

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Hey guys. Been busy working but anxious to get back to coin collecting. does anyone have any old wheat pennies, old nickels laying around collecting dust? I have been putting together sets on coins for my kids and always looking for more. If anyone has anything of interest call me at 205-915-6934 OR pm me here! Thanks!
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last weekend, my wife and i ran across a TON of old coins at a garage sale. lots of wheat pennies. some silver pennies. and various old nickels. mostly from the 30's-50's. i think they have garage sales about very other week. ill try to get some contact info for you. (if i remember correctly, the prices on the coins seemed to be pretty fair, but i know nothing about coin collecting)
I've got some actual rolls of brand new wheat pennies --from the reserve, never circulated. I used to work in a large bank vault & coin processing was most of my job. I wouldn't be interested in selling all of them - but maybe some. I know I have 100 loose, but not circulated --because the rolls got opened. I'm not sure what they're worth.

....maybe a nice dinner :hungry :)
Dinner is easy! Dinner for pennies what a deal! Let me know if interested. I am interested in anything!
I was buying cigars last week, when she gave me change I heard the distinct jingle of silver. I ask to buy all the silver, 1.75 in silver quarters. I collect them also.
Chris...Looking for anything specific (dates/mint) in silver (not clad) ..have a bag full.
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