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Looking for Hobie PA 14

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My wife agreed to let me buy a fishing kayak. So, I'm in the market for a Hobie PA 14, and YES, she knows how much these cost.

I will say that I'm not looking for the decked out, fully rigged, $3000 kayak. I'm looking for a nice PA 14 that I can customize myself.

Let me know what's available. I've got cash set aside to make this deal.

I will be in Houston until Sunday evening (February 22nd), but please PM me or reply to this post. I will get back to you.

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Have you yak fished before? I've had several friends buy higher end kayaks only to not like it. Buy yourself a cheaper outback if you haven't used one and try it out for a year. I liked my outback better then PA but now I have a native propel 13 and won't go back to hobie. Never have to use a paddle
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