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Here's the deal...I'm at that point in my life.

One of my employees (23 yrs old) is going to George Stone and is almost done with thewelding curriculum. He really wants to stay in the marine industry and I want to help him launch. He's like a son to me, but with some history and stories that top mine.

I have a 1978 Carsen Glastron (James Bond Classic + 2 feet) with 140HP evinrude and trailer. Goes 45 mph with 19P prop and 70 with 21P prop. Only have the 19P prop cause it scared the hell out of me going 70 with dn inch under the keaster. Sorry, no ride plate or jack plate on this rig.

Everything solid...I restore boats... and looking for a Miler 250 or 225 tig/mig rig on trailer with bottles and attachments to help him get set up.If you have a used rig or know a sales rep (PFF'r)for miller on new,give me a call and let's makea discuss.

Good kid andwill take care of you in the future once he gets this surprise. Or I will kick his A$$ they way my generation got it. "Fetch that switch boy....and it better be the right size."
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