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looking for a playstation2

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im looking to finde a playstation 2 to buy for my son.. i hope some is selling one.. thanks
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I've seen a few on craigslist here lately. If you go back a week or two I'm sure you can run across something.
I have a newer style slim PS2 with two controllers, one memory card, and a handful of games. I haven't played it in forever so I can let it go. I will post acomplete list of games when I get home tonight.
I think my son has one. Or it might be an X-Box. Anyway,he's gotsome video gamehe doesn't use because he upgraded. I'll check and let you know.
i have 2 back home that we dont use anymore if you dont find another one. ill be back home from school for thanksgiving if you want to wait that long
I have the PS2 slim model with two controllers, memory card, NCAA Baseball, Madden Football 2005, Unreal Tournament, Star Wars Battlefront, and Motocross Mania 3. I will let it all go for $75 delivered to your door. Or if you have anything to trade then let me know.
my wife has a PS 2 that i might could get her to get rid of...she never plays it anymore due to the new Wii...PM me if you are still looking for one and ill give you all the details
I checked with my son. His is an X-Box, not a Playstation.
I've got one of the slims only used a few times. just make an offer if still interested.
just found out my sons stopped working. I would like to get one so all the games dont go to waste. Let me know how to get one of these.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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