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Looking for a loaner engine hoist

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Looking for a engine hoist to raisesome outboard engines. After changing the props for the fouth time. I am now trying to do anything that will help in top end speed increase while maintaining good RPM through out the running range. After much research on props. I feel that if a raise the engines one slot and maybe increase the pitch 1 degree I will get the extra 3 to 4 knots I am looking for without killing the WOTRPM very much.If any one has any advice on props selection and other thing to do, to get the extra speed please advise. I now run 30 knots at 4500 rpm with 5 guys 200# ice and 250 gallons of fuel If we increase fuel to 300 gallons I will lose 3 knots. WOT now is 5600 no trim and loaded, around 41 knots max. Thanks for any help. Gene
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I have one of the cherry picker type hoists you can use.

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