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looking for 30-06 for a buddy

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Igot a buddy looking for a 30-06. At a reasonable price :usaflag
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Dude, you cannot go wrong with the Mossberg ATR100 for 265.00 at Wally World. I think Academy is just about the same price. Not sure if Outcastcarries them, but if he is looking for a good gun at a very low price. I love mine. Just my .02 Good luck in your search either way. The next gun I will buy is the Savage with accutrigger. I love my daughters .243. It really is a nice feature and almost completely eliminate anticipation of the shot. You are suprised every time. Also very reasonable. You can get a rifle/scope combo for about 350.00 or so.
i have the mossberg atr100 in 270 caliber. i absolutely love the gun. i got mine from mike's gun shop for 250. now THAT'S a price you cant beat.

academy does have them, but they want 300 for them. :/
Remington has a rebate on a lot of their rifles now. Walmart in Crestview had a 30-06 and I think the price after rebate was less than $300 with scope.
i think the remmington that is 300 with the rebatesis themodel 710... which is a decent gun, but for that same price you can get the mossberg which i believe is a better gun. that mossberg also comes with a 3-9x40 scope on it. so youre kinda comparing apples to apples. both have 3-9x40 (and i think theyre both made by bushnell - mossberg just buys them, and puts their name on it) and come in similar calibers. the mossberg feels smoother out of the box, the remington's bolt is AWFULLY tight. like, youll think something is wrong with it because its so tight. but that usually works out after a couple dozen shots, and lots of working the action to loosen it up.

like i said, i have the 270, and a guy i hunt with has the 30-06. if he is interested in holding one, and even shooting it, im more than happy to let him shoot mine, and i can probably get a hold of the 30-06 so he could take a look at just what he's looking for. hope all this helps!
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Check the Bass pro shop website, I was there in Prattville yesterday, and they have 3 diffrent sales going on right now, I love that savage scope combo in camo.
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