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Look out Kingds, her comes konz

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Don't everybody laugh at once...haha I've decided to start learning how to fish for those hard running beasts! My cousin Mike has got me into it. He goes down to the p-cola pier often, some of you may even know him. Him and his dad are king I know the basics but I'm learning new stuff each trip. So if you guys happen to see me out on the pier say hello!
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Mike... Mike who?.. i may know him...

i'm gonna head that way in about an hour... come on out.
Get'em Konz! I personally like King fishing. It's active, they're fun to catch and yes I eat King! Smoked in Italian Dressing is best. I'm a old pier King Slayer myself, so we should get together and get out there.
I'm sure you know him Chicken, he caught a 20+ pounder the day you caught your 40 on that blue.......Mike Martin
oh and BFR, any time my friend.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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