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I saw this from another forum. I believe it is somewherein the northeast. Nice casts though:bowdown I wonder how the cobia jig casters would fare<DIV id=post_message_4194991>Results 2007 SCUSA Nation Championship

National Champion = Mike Langston longest cast 754 ft. 150 gr. weight

175 gram results
1 Angel Villapona 747 ft.
2 Larry Brooks 658 ft
3 Ralph Barlatier 592 ft.
4 Frank Mitchell 476 ft.

150 gram results
1 Mike Langston 754.5 ft [ National Champion ]
2 Tommy Farmer 744.5 ft.
3 Mike Basnite 743.0 ft
4 Rolland Johnson 706.0 ft
5 Bob Sales 612.0 ft.
6 Collin Murray 577.0 ft.
7 Kevin Truliuck 562.0 ft.
8 Frank Mitchell 561.5 ft.
9 Mark Ganrude 559.5 ft.
10 Gary Mulherin 557.0 ft
11 John Pierce 527.5 ft.

125 gram results
1Rolland Johnson 683.5 ft.
2 Bob Sales 618.5 ft.
3 Frank Mitchell 591.5 ft.
4 John Pierce 561.0 ft.
5 Mark Ganrude 504.0 ft.
6 Alipio Torres 430.5 ft.

100 gram results
1 Bob Sales 618.0 ft
2 Frank Mitchell 534.5 ft.</DIV>

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They must be fishing with a longer pole then most :blush:

Seriously though...that is some serious distance casting right there. Now the question is, whether they could hit a moving target such as a slob cobia inbound.

Wild that the lighter weight actually flew farther then the heavier weight.

Thanks for the stats...I need to improve my casting obviously.

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I surf fish with the long rods and it's a result of many hours of practicing with the right equipment.

I usually fish with a 11'6" or 12 foot rod.

I have hooked cobia on both and really had no problems landing the fish.

My close in cobia rod is a 9 foot custom rod with an old Mitchell 402 reel. I can usually spot cobia at distances where I can drop a cobia jig right on its nose.

I'm tempted to buy a AFAW blank and put Lowrider guides on it. You can rech 150+ yards with most any good setup. All you really need is the ability to reach the first bar. When I shark fished, I use a Breakaway with a magged Penn Squidder. Plenty of guts to put a hurt on one.

I fish for Pompano mostly, but am armed for a biggie if it comes by.

Don't get me started talking about surf fishing and the long rods. I am addicted to surf fishing. C2
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