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IMG_0147.jpg Its been hard to find time lately but finally got out in the little lagoon early sat morning. Started out around 4 a.m. fished some lights on east end by boat dock and only came up with 1 rat red then headed west around daybreak to find LY's everywhere casted and got some then went farther west. Caught about 12 short specks and some large croakers fished LY's under a cork in shallow to deep did the best in deeper water (channel) high tide change around 8 and went to west pass caught about 5 more short specks no keepers all day but they are getting bigger compared to march cant wait till august.

Went friday night and bought 3 dozen live shrimp and filled the bait well up with water put shrimp in live well at 8 pm went fishing at 4 and all where dead weird ive done this 100 times and for some reason they where dead i got the 30 gallons out of the lagoon near boat dock cause i live less than a mile from launch............weird, water smelled funny

Also took the family out and hung out at west pass swimming in water and when we went home and took bathes we all had tar all over me wife and kids.............we killed bin laden is there any way seal team 6 can pop a cap in a couple BP exec's just a thought
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