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Had been doing good on specks lately so gave it another go yesterday. Started out in the yak and worked the edges of some drop-offs with a bone colored Bomber Ba-donk-A-Donk. Got 3 hits and landed 2 specks, 19" and 19 3/4". Tried working some soft plastcis with only croaker to show for the work. At dark the trout had millions, literally MILLIONS, of juvenile menhaden pushed into huge clouds right on the bank for a couple hundred yards. I ditched the yak on the bank and waded around the bait schools. all though they were feeding on small stuff they didn't seem to mind something bigger and I ended up getting 7 more specks of about 18-19" before dark. After darkI broke out the fly rod when they stopped hitting the topwater and caught a white trout and 2 stingrays. Yep, not one but 2 stingrays on the flyrod. About 9:30 some of the biggest trout I've seen in years started blowing up the menhaden and had 3 of them come right by me chasing bait. These fish were easily over 10lbs and wouldn't give anything I had to offer the time of day. Still waiting for my 10+lb gator. Probably going back tonight for round 2


9 specks

3 croaker

1 white trout

2 stingrays (on fly!)
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