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Little Lagoon-Rain-Wind-FishFishFish--05/12/09<DIV class=post-text>Up at 4:30 this morning--going to Fish R Reef--Radar showed a storm off Gulf Shores and two in Mobile Bay--back to bed--couldnt go back to sleep--go fishing anyway--Wife mumbled something about some men in White Coats or i had lost something--dont know what--must not have been important. Decided to go to Gulf Shores.
Got to Little Lagoon Launch just as the first drops of rain started to fall--not bad. In the water and started to troll two lines with a Gulp on each one--the fun started--a few times i had a fish on each line. Specks to 22 In--three over 19 In--Red to 22 In--Big Croakers and Whites. All total +/- 30 fish in less than three hrs. Most fish were released. All were caught on Gulp Natural.
Wind from the East blowing West down the Lagoon---just put your lines out and let the wind push you.
Got hot fast--Home--Clean Fish--Bath--Very Good Lunch--Ice Tea--Nap time.
A very nice ADNR Lady was taking a Fish Survey--always glad to see them. Back to work tomorrow. BT66
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