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lighting question

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So I'm fixing up a 14 ft aluminum skiff to flounder out of and I have a question about lighting that I haven't seen addressed here. I want to power with a generator and was thinking about using the 12 volt output to run 3 sealed foglights. They would be submerged. Is this safe and possible? I figured I could get more light and less draw this way. What do you think? Will it work or am I heading in the wrong direction?
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I would think what you are trying to do would work but i would think about going about it a little different way. most generators with a 12v output are not made for a lot of amperage across the 12v. i would think about getting a 12v converter that you could plug into the 120v side of the generator and then hook your lights to the converter...that way you wouldnt have to worry about burning up your generator 12v and you would be good to go for as many lights as the converter could handle. also most of the converters have either a fuse or a curcit breaker in them for overload protection.
no i wouldnt go the with the car 12v plug...i agree that would be too many amps. what im talking about is a 12v converter that has a positive and negitive terminal on it. we use them a lot here on the boat i work on to power 12v electronics off of the generator. ill see if i can find a pic of what im talking about on line and post.
pmurphy (1/31/2010)That would definitly handle the amps from 3 lights. I wonder how big it is. I checked under the specs but it didn't give any deminsions.
those on that website look exactly like some of the ones we use here on the boat and (without using a tape measure) they are about 12"x8"x4" roughly
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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