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lighting question

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So I'm fixing up a 14 ft aluminum skiff to flounder out of and I have a question about lighting that I haven't seen addressed here. I want to power with a generator and was thinking about using the 12 volt output to run 3 sealed foglights. They would be submerged. Is this safe and possible? I figured I could get more light and less draw this way. What do you think? Will it work or am I heading in the wrong direction?
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im assuming you are talking about automotive fog lights, and if so, i am wondering how you are going to keep the terminals water tight so the water doesnt short them out
pmurphy (1/31/2010)Yes automotive. The ones I use fit perfectly in a 45 PVC elbow. I epoxy to make it water tight. I use one of these attached to a PVC handle as my light for walking. It puts out a lot of light so I wanted to increase the number to use on my boat. I know 3 of them would drain the battery fast that's why I was wondering about the 12volt output on a generator.

I use 12 volt lights submerged with a car battery. I don't see any reason it wouldnt work. Same concept except you are using a generator instead of a car battery. Just be careful about leaks shorting out your light.

I'm sure the generator has some kind of overload/short circuit protection, but always better to be safe than sorry. Plenty of people on here use generators attached to halogen lights, but I think they usually use the 120v output for those halogen work lights you can get from lowes, and they arent submerged. I wouldnt submerge a 120v light, but I wouldnt think 12v would be a problem at all
pmurphy (1/31/2010)What kind of light pattern do you get with the starfires? And don't you have to shield the tops? I will be floundering in the bayous and will need my light focused toward the shore. I would enjoy the quiet w/o a generator but having it would allow me to use the halogens if I wanted to.I'm going to build a box for it with some sound profing. Of course I'll leave rhe back open for venting and it should direct most of the sound away from me.

The starfires Ive used with Angus_Cow_Doc throw a 360 degree, he floats them under a white piece of foam to throw the light back down and keep it out of his face. I would think you would need some kind of reflector
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