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lighting question

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So I'm fixing up a 14 ft aluminum skiff to flounder out of and I have a question about lighting that I haven't seen addressed here. I want to power with a generator and was thinking about using the 12 volt output to run 3 sealed foglights. They would be submerged. Is this safe and possible? I figured I could get more light and less draw this way. What do you think? Will it work or am I heading in the wrong direction?
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I have my starfires in split pvc shroud with metal tape for reflection. I hear hanging them vert. puts out a nice 360 patern, but i am never deep enough for that. Mine works fine sitting horizontal.This is what to expect for light patern.
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I use a pair of them, They are set in 1" thinwall with tape to mke up the slack, but they fit in SCH 40 perfect. The rest of it is SCH 40 1" At the bottom it is a 1" Elbow with a 1/2 " threaded corner, with a 1/2" male threaded adapter that goes to the other Elbow.

It works good. You could make it all out of thinwall, would be real lite. I put a switch in, not reqd. but cool and convenient to save battery juice. About $40 invested.
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