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If you are alicensedcaptain with or without a boat, wanting to get paid in the clean-up there may be anopportunity. I am not talking about BP's "Vessels ofOpportunity" program.

I really don't want to release to much information right now, but if you areinterested, and your not one of the ones that has alreadygivenyour info to Captain Paul Redman, you can email it to me at [email protected]

Please do so by tonight if possible.

Needed:Namelicense #class, (6-pac, master of not more than 200grt., etc.)vessel nameboat lengthengines or hpany special features, sleeping quarters, crane, etc.

If you have anything outstanding to ad to that, such as hazwoper cert, navy service, training in oil containment, etc., please ad. Not a whole resume, just anything that would shine in this case.

As I said, I really am not going to say too much right now, compensation, whats this all about, etc., but if you would like to be considered please send it if Paul didn't already get it from you asap.

The info your sending is all public record, so those of you who don't personally know me don't need to worry that I am some Nigerian trying to collect info for a scam.

I am going to be up late as hell tonight, got lots to do early, and travelingtomorrow, so I really won't have time to answer a bunch of questions or PM's.

And please email instead of PM'ing me the info, and title the email "CAPTAINS INFO"

Also, anybody looking for work as deckhands or shorework, and supervisors positions (please include a brief qualifications for a supervisory position), can email too, labeled either "WORK" or "SUPERVISOR" depending on which it is.

Again,[email protected]

Nothing in stone, but we're working on it.

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