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Leupold VXR

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How does the Leupold VXR series compare to Meopta? I am looking at the 4-12 50mm illuminated reticle with the 30mm tube. At $750 It's about half price of the meopta.
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Look at the Vortex Viper HS 4x16x50 (30 MM tube)....It has glass that's great, I got rid of a Meopta and put this on my Steyr 300 WM. You will definitely like the price too!!!

Look at this website and you'll find em cheaper then anyone.....

If you wanna check one out, you can get up with me......
The vxr with CDS has worked out well for my friends shooting heavy kickers at long ranges......Leupold makes the custom knobs per caliber or per your provided ballistics...the illuminated sight helps in low light when a fine reticle is hard to locate....lifetime warranty....say no more....The vipers are ok but lack clarity as light diminishes....Scopes fall in the you get what you pay for.....Check Natchez shooting supply at the weaver classics they are liquidating at 1/2 price.....once they are gone they are gone.....I'm thinkin about pulling the trigger on a 8x32x50 for range work
for around 300.00......
i can speak from true knowledge. i have 2 meostar scopes on my "go to" deer rifles. i put a 50mm vxr on my sons model 7 right before this season. i love meopta products but i gotta say, i like that vxr a little better. i am on the look out for a 4-12x50mm vxr now. i will own one before next season. the vxr is a little clearer and i like having the illuminated dot on a 50mm. that being said, i will be selling my 56mm meostar r1 and buying an r2 also.
I have the VX-R 4x12x50 scope on one of my rifles. To be perfectly honest, it's not my favorite scope. I have a Meopta on another rifle....very nice scope....However, my absolute favorite scope is a Zeiss Conquest 3x9x40...It doesn't have an illuminated reticle, but it is an excellent scope and I prefer it over all others.

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