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Dear Friends,

Below is my most recent report regarding the Deepwater Horizon Spill. For daily updates from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection click this link: <span id=OBJ_PREFIX_DWT93 class=Object> and enter your email address in the text box on the lower right portion of the screen.

If you have questions for FDEP please call (<span id=OBJ_PREFIX_DWT94 class=Object>800) 346-3557.

Current Forecast<ul>[*]Mother Nature has been kind. No landfall is expected through <span id=OBJ_PREFIX_DWT95 class=Object>Thursday, May 6. On Thursday the sheen plume is likely to be 30 to 45 miles off of the coast of Pensacola. [*]Florida is expected to experience oil sheen, tar balls and tar mats at this time. Florida is not expected to see the large product of emulsified oil similar to images of Louisiana. [*]Currents will play a key role. Currently the ?loop current? is considerably south of the sheen plume. [/list]Incident Site<ul>[*]Flow remains the same ? roughly 5,000 barrels per day. [*]5 of 6 pistons remain open. [*]The ?dome? is expected to be deployed either this weekend or early next week. [*]If successful, the dome will divert about 85% of the oil flow out of the Gulf. [*]Previously dispersants were only being deployed at the surface. Now, dispersants are activated through a submerged hose directly at the well site. This has yielded far greater success in breaking up the oil product. [/list]Military Involvement<ul>[*]Many of you have asked why tactical military solutions are not being coordinated with the Dept of Homeland Security to close the well site. I have been assured that the Navy and Air Force are directly involved in developing creative solutions to close the well. [*]Governor Crist has indicated that the Florida National Guard will be activated immanently to assist with mitigation. [/list]
Funding from BP<ul>[*]BP has issued Florida a ?block grant? in the amount of $25 million to fund mitigation efforts by the state. [*]I have asked Governor Crist to direct these funds directly to the local emergency operation centers so that we can contract directly with vendors for more swift action.
[/list]Limitation on Liability<ul>[*]News outlets have reported that BP?s liability is capped at $75 million. [*]BP executives have stated ?on the record? that they will fund all cleanup costs and will pay all legitimate economic loss claims. [*]<span id=OBJ_PREFIX_DWT96 class=Object>Today I will meet with Attorney General McCollum to discuss how the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 likely renders the $75 million cap moot. [/list]
Booming<ul>[*]Many are frustrated with the slow booming progress. Please keep in mind the lesson we learned from Alabama. Booming too soon renders the booms porous and useless. Boom is expected to be laid in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa starting <span id=OBJ_PREFIX_DWT97 class=Object>tomorrow.[*]Booming the Destin Pass remains the most significant challenge. Engineers at the highest level are working out scenarios and local fishermen who know the Pass best have offered their local knowledge.[/list]
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