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Well I was fortunate enough to get invited to fish this past Saturday with my good friends Captain Delynn Sigler, Clay Sims and a few others on the Rogue Offshore Freeman, Bad Blood 34, located at Day Break Marina. What a great day with calm seas and good friends! We left Day Break at 6 am, headed for the pass to make bait. It took about 45 min to hit the buoys and the Mass. The cigs were nowhere to be seen, hiding from the storm I guess, so we loaded the boat with as many baby hardtails as we could find. We all grabbed our bean bags, and Capt. Delynn pointed the boat Southwest at 45 mph. After about an hour and half, we ran into a big school of Black fin. We were only able to put one on the boat, but I thought to myself, “it’s going to be a good day”. Another hour or so at high speed and we arrive at our first stop. Within minutes, rods were bent over the gunnels with big AJ’s attached to the other end. It seemed like we made quick work of our 6 man limit; however, I don’t think we stopped catching those donkeys all day. We made another small run and started to work on our grouper. It was tough work most of the day. We kept running into the infamous ARS and the Tax man. A little after 1 pm, we all seemed to find our groove- the scamp were hungry and made their way to the box. These scamp were some of the biggest I have seen in a while. One, I believe, was over 20lbs. When you look at the picture, it’s the one on the top row all the way to the right. We had a surprise Cobia hook up on the bottom, a few Mingo, and a couple of Almaco jacks. Water was pretty clean for the most part. At about 4:30, we were all pretty worn out. Capt. Delynn pointed the boat Northeast at 53 mph and we were at the dock in no time. After arriving at Day Break, the real work began-mcleaning the fish. 😂!! Capt. Delynn and Clay, I want to thank you guys for having me tag along for another epic trip. Please call me anytime you need an extra angler.

If anyone out there is looking for a Captain to take you out, think about giving Delynn a call. You won’t be disappointed. His contact info is below.

Captain Delynn


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